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My name’s Ignacio and I’m an amateur boxing practicioner, and maybe a trainer some day!



Superwelter is an international project for the healthy promotion of the sport of boxing at all its levels: recreational, amateur, and professional boxing.

We intend to make easy for people to find the gyms closer to them.

We want to help gyms to promote themselves, and that is why we make the directory free.

We plan to include Jiu-Jistu and MMA gyms in the future.

Welcome and thanks for your support!




Superwelter es un proyecto internacional y joven de promoción del boxeo, donde fomentamos su práctica responsable y saludable, tanto del boxeo recreativo como del boxeo profesional y de competición.

Pretendemos dar un buen nombre a este deporte, y para ello haremos siempre hincapié en la seguridad, especialmente con los practicantes noveles.

Queremos ayudar a los gimnasios a promocionarse, y es por ello que hacemos al directorio gratuíto.

Bienvenidos y ¡gracias por vuestro apoyo!


Who do we recommend to learn boxing fundamentals and advanced techniques?

In these series of DVDs you’ll learn the fundamentals of boxing from one of the top USA boxing trainers: Tom Yankello from Pittsburgh (Roy Jones Jr, Paul Spadafora, and many more champions and top contenders). This is serious business! The videos can be purchased separately or in a bundle. Take a look!

We also design T-Shirts on Redbubble, and work with high quality brands for MMA, Boxing and BJJ equipment, like Revgear.

Help us keep the fight on by supporting our featured products. Thanks for your help, and best regards!

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